05/4/17 – Robbinsdale, Crystal, and New Hope, Volunteer Breakfast

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The Volunteers in Partnership (VIP) program hosts a volunteer breakfast every spring to recognize the hard work volunteers do for the schools in Robbinsdale, Crystal, and New Hope. This year, the program featured a robotics presentation by the School of Engineering and Arts (SEA Elementary) and the keynote speaker was the past president of the Society of Women Engineers, Elizabeth Bierman. Elizabeth is an aerospace engineer and she talked about how a space-related research project and trip to space camp changed her life as a middle schooler, which prompted her to become an aerospace engineer. She also talked about the importance of educating young students about engineering fields/careers and encouraging them to explore their passions. Without the leaders in her life providing her with learning opportunities and encouraging her to go to space camps, Elizabeth would most likely be in a totally different career today. Blue U volunteers help make this same impact on students’ lives, and it is encouraging to hear stories like Elizabeth’s to remember just how important our volunteer work is!