05/10/17 – Burroughs Elementary, Dr. Seuss Environmental Unit

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The kindergartners at Burroughs Elementary, Minneapolis, have been covering a Dr. Seuss unit and some of the books have lent themselves to talking about the environment. The Lorax and Bartholomew and the Oobleck have started discussions with students around weather, green space, trees, wetlands, gardens, and why it’s important we take care of the earth. During this unit, students have been working on a variety of activities that include planting seeds, creating gardens, building with K’Nex, and so forth. To mix things up, one day while some of the students were coloring a paper greenhouse and planting seeds, pairs of students got to visit an “Oobleck Center” and put their hands in a bucket of oobleck. The day the students played with oobleck also was “Wacky Wednesday,” so the kindergartners might have some wacky clothing and hair in the pictures below.